Area hospitals seeing eight times the number of Covid patients than three weeks ago

MIAMI VALLEY — Miami Valley area hospitals are seeing more than eight times the number of Covid patients compared to about three weeks ago, according to the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association.

A GDAHA representative said area hospitals went from eight cases to 67 cases in a 21 day period.

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Dr. Roberto Colón, Chief Medical Officer for Miami Valley Hospital said the majority of Covid patients that are ending up in hospitals are unvaccinated.

State data shows, 49 percent of Ohioans have had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Colón added, the age of Covid patients at Premier Health’s area hospitals is significantly lower than earlier in the pandemic. The hospitals are seeing more patients under the age of 40 and sometimes they are coming in with severe cases.

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“The frustrating thing is this is something that we could have helped to prevent, had we done a better job of getting people vaccinated. This is something we had within our power to control and we didn’t, so it was a missed opportunity,” Dr. Colón said.

He explained, it is very likely that the delta variant is the dominant strain in the Miami Valley right now.

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