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Tough call from a man who love his dog

On my show tonight (11/5/2020), I shared a story about a Florida dog owner who had his pooch dognapped during a home burglary. The thief then sent a text to the owner demanding $20,000 ransom for the safe return of the doggie.

I posed the question (God forbid it would ever happen), “how much ransom would you pay for the safe return of your dog?"

I suppose is was more of a rhetorical question. I joked that my wife told me she would pay more for one of our dogs than the other. Puppies are a challenge, to be sure. I asked how much a new dog would cost. All in jest...I would do anything for Luna and Lily. Seriously.

I wasn’t expecting a call like I received from “Warren.” This is heartbreaking and really shows how our furry friends can change us as people. You can hear Warren’s call below. Have a hanky handy.

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Todd Hollst

Todd Hollst

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