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Can a 6 month old really water ski?

Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel, is the 7th in a line of Twiggies going back to the late 1970s. It is on a farewell tour due to the retirement of its owner, Lou Ann Best. 

This story popped up on my feed yesterday: “WATCH: 6-month-old becomes youngest water skier ever.”

The story is about a dad in Utah named Casey Humphreys, who built a custom-made water ski contraption for his 6 month son, Rich.

Now, don’t get me wrong; it certainly does take some skill to stand up on “skis” and not crash miserably into the water. Take it from me, lake water is not something you want to ingest.

Years ago I gave water skiing a try. After several failed attempts, a mouthful of gross Caesar’s Creek water, and a wedgie that haunts me to this day, I gave up trying to get dragged across the water for my friends amusement.

BUT, is this 6 month REALLY skiing? It’s cute and all but lets see him navigate some wakes or take a jump like Fonzie did on Happy Days when he jumped a shark.

Are we sure his little feet and hands are superglued to the bar and board? I kid! So to speak.

I have to give little Rich a lot of credit. He seems to be a natural at something most of us never master. This winter I fully expect his dad to build him a custom snowboard. And next spring when he turns 1, he should go skydiving. And PLEASE dad, post the pictures on Instagram so we can write another story about your amazing toddler.

Who knows, he could become the first ever Extreme Stunt Baby. The should trademark that moniker.

Todd Hollst

Todd Hollst

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