Accumulating snow arrives in Miami Valley today: How much will you get?

A late season snow is expected to move through the Miami Valley Friday. Dealing with snow in March is different that dealing with snow in January.

Recent warm weather with temperatures in the 60s and 70s has warmed the ground to well above freezing. A higher solar angle as we approach springtime combined with that initially warmer ground will slow and ultimately limit snowfall accumulations, said Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Austin Chaney.

Still though, some light accumulation is likely and snow fans will be happy in parts of the Miami Valley by late tonight.

Right now, a mix of light rain and snow showers are working into the Miami Valley.

Later this afternoon and evening, precipitation should become more widespread. A transition to all snow is expected as temperatures fall.

The main storm system, and much of the snow exits as we approach midnight tonight. A few lake effect snow flurries and snow showers may linger into Saturday

Snowfall accumulations through Saturday morning should amount to around an inch with some spots seeing up to 2 inches. Lighter totals are expected further north and west while slightly heavier totals, closer to that 2″ number are expected further east and south.

Snow in March isn’t uncommon. Dayton averages 3.9 inches of snow during the month of March. Sometimes it even snows in April. Last year is a perfect example. If you remember, Dayton picked up 1.7 inch on Mar. 21.

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