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Local Steals and Deals: Rush Charge Buds, Statik, and Gorilla Bow Lite

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18 August, 2022

Local Steals & Deals: Back to school packing list with Rush Charge Buds, Statik, and Gorilla Bow Lite

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Send your kids back to college with Rush Charge Buds, Statik, and Gorilla Bow

Every parent thinks they have the perfect college packing list. But, it’s hard to think of everything. Whether you’ve got a freshman settling into a new dorm, or a senior ready to graduate, every undergrad will love these dorm and apartment essentials. Rush Charge Buds and Statik will come in handy for long study periods or late night gaming, while Gorilla Bow will keep your student fit. Add these to your checklist and get up to 57% off!

Rush Charge Buds

Deal: $42.99

Retail: $99.99

(While supplies last)


Earbuds are crucial when studying for long periods of time. We love Rush Charge Buds because they’re comfortable and have seamless Bluetooth connectivity. They also come with a case that can charge your smartphone, cable free. Earbuds can be expensive but, this a great deal at 57% off!

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Deal: $24.99

Retail: $38.99

(While supplies last)

36% Off

Charging cables are a must to stay connected . And the ones you get from the gas station just won’t cut it. Statik 360 Universal Charging Cables have three 360 degree rotating magnetic heads to charge different devices. They protect the phone's power port from damage caused by dust, accidental pulls and more. Get a set for 36% off!

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Gorilla Bow Lite

Deal: $89.99

Retail: $134.99

(While supplies last)


Not every college kid is a student athlete. But, they still might want to work out. Instead of heading to a crowded gym on campus, Gorilla Bow Lite can easily transport a workout anywhere. This portable resistance training exercise bow and bands will keep anyone fit with a total body workout. It’s portable and is something they’ll definitely want to have on hand. We’ve got 33% off!

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