Yellow Springs Schools return to class with COVID protocols in place

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio — Students in Yellow Springs will be headed back to class in less than a week and the superintendent said she’s looking forward to having them back in the building.

The village of Yellow Springs has been very cautious when it comes to COVID-19. Just last week, the village council passed a resolution requiring masks while indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible – in its central business district.

A couple of days later, the village cancelled the Street Fair, which was scheduled for October. Last year, Yellow Springs Schools spent most of the year doing virtual learning.

However, this year, Supt. Terri Holden said students will learn in-person, five days a week and there will be no remote learning option.

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Supt. Holden also said just over 95 percent of her 85 employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Still, the district will begin the new school year with a universal mask requirement for all adults and students regardless of vaccination status.

Students will practice at least three feet of physical distance while at school. Cleaning and sanitation practices will continue and anyone with a temperature about 100 degrees are expected to stay home.

Supt. Holden said she is cautiously optimistic about the new year. She said the board of education is expected to approve the school’s health and safety plan at its meeting on Thursday.

She also said she plans to watch and follow federal and health recommendations are they are made.

The first day of class for students is Monday, Aug. 23.

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