‘We lost everything;’ Couple moves back into home days after destructive tornado

CLARK COUNTY — A Clark County homeowner is grateful to be alive after Wednesday’s tornadoes.

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On Saturday, Don Ovracker and his wife were able to move back into their home, despite the damage left from the storm.

“I thought we were gone. I really did, for a minute. I didn’t think we were gonna make it through,” Ovracker said.

Ovracker remembers being woken up by the wind.

“I looked at my clock and it said, 4:53 (a.m.), that was the last time I saw the clock,” Ovracker said.

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Ovracker said he and his wife went to the basement, but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I actually saw my mudroom disappear and my wife came down and said ‘I can see the neighbor’s house. Our garage is gone,’” Ovracker said.

Now the couple has power and can stay in the place they’ve called home for 33 years.

As they are working to move forward, lots of people in the community are offering help.

“My son’s church group is getting together, coming out and helping clean up more next week and he brought us some gift cards today which was a total surprise,” Ovracker said.

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“We lost food, everything. We had our freezer out here in the garage. It’s laying right there,” he continued.

The Ovrackers said they too help those in need when possible.

Ovracker said he’s doing what he can to stay possible. He plans to dig through the rubble of his garage to find his golf clubs.

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