Ohioan home owners given one more week to appeal taxable property value

Ohio property owners have one week left to file a property value appeal with the Board of Revision before the March 31 deadline.

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The Board of Revision (BOR) is the governmental body that is responsible for conducting hearings a to determine the taxable value of a property. Representatives from County Treasurer, County Commission, and County Auditor sit on the board to decide on the reevaluations.

Individuals are allowed to present evidence for their requested change in property value.

“If a property owner disagrees with the value we’ve set on their property, we want them to feel welcomed and empowered to file a property value appeal with the Board of Revision,” Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith said.

Keith commissioned a 5-minute informational video to help community members understand the property value appeal process, which can be found at the board’s website. The video will also guide property owners through the filing process and describe the types of evidence an individual should bring to argue their case.

“We want to give every property owner the opportunity to weigh-in on their property’s value,” Keith explained. “We try to go above and beyond to educate property owners about how to file an appeal.”

After a property owner files an appeal, they will be scheduled for a hearing later in the year where they can make a case for a change in their property’s value.

Hearings are conducted by Zoom video conference or phone call.

Property owners can visit the board’s website to file an appeal or learn more about the Board of Revision.

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