Miami Valley doctor explains when to get flu shot, Covid vaccine

State data shows, almost 54 percent of Ohioans have had at least one Covid vaccine dose. Meanwhile, doctors are encouraging people to get the flu shot.

Dr. Joseph Allen, a regional medical director for Premier Health said September and October are good times to get the flu shot, to provide protection throughout the winter months.

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He thinks there will be an uptick in flu cases this year, compared to last year, as people get more lax on things that kept flu spread to a minimum last year, like social distancing and mask wearing.

Dr. Allen said it is fine to get the flu shot at the same time as the Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccines. However, he suggested waiting two to four weeks between a flu shot and a Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

He explained, people should prioritize the covid shot, but that it is important to get both to prevent having to fight off both viruses at the same time.

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“If you have flu and Covid, your odds of having a bad outcome are increased obviously. So either one helps protect you, and gives you a layer of protection. Really, you want to make sure you get them both though, if you can,” Dr. Allen said.

He also said, everyone six months and older should be getting the flu shot, except for those who have had a severe anaphylactic reaction from a previous flu shot.

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