I-TEAM: Greene Co. Sheriff investigating florist who brides say ripped them off

XENIA — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office confirms to WHIO, it is now investigating Flowers by Des.

The investigation comes after a News Center 7 report revealed, more than a dozen people complained to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

While the Attorney General’s Office will not confirm if it is investigating the florist, Desiree Pace, the Sheriff’s Office said it has three formal complaints against her.

“I would like to see her get the help she needs to make sure her business is run effectively if continues to run it, or is shut down if she continues to do what she’s doing now,” Katie Norton said.

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Norton and her fiancé booked with Flowers by Des in March 2020 and paid in full $1,700 in November 2020.

They plan to get married in September near Lexington, KY.

“Since then we’ve found out she has four other brides booked as far as Columbus on our wedding day,” Norton said.

The pair also started hearing other couples’ stories about Pace not coming through for their weddings. Norton said she and her fiancé reached out, and ultimately asked for their money back this past Sunday. The only cash they say they’ve seen is a 50 percent refund from their credit card company.

“I think it’s sad. I don’t think there’s a person around that doesn’t think it’s sad,” Sgt. Beth Prall with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said.

She explained, Norton and her fiancé were the third to file a formal complaint, adding to the Sheriff’s Office investigation.

“We’d like to track down the owner of the business and get her side of things,” Sgt. Prall said.

News Center 7 has given Pace multiple opportunities for an interview. She has turned down each chance. In a text message to News Center 7′s Molly Koweek on Wednesday, Pace said in part, “Refunds have already been moving and we are allowed 90 days from request. Don’t text or call again.”

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However, bride Kelsey Fox said she has not seen any refund. She hasn’t even heard from Pace or her team since June 15th, four days after Fox said Pace’s team canceled on her the day before her June 12th wedding.

“I cried for a couple of hours after I got the information and then it quickly turned to anger,” Fox said.

She said Pace still owes her more than $1,500.

“It just really showed me what kind of character she had,” Fox said.

Now, as the Sheriff’s Office looks into the case, Sgt. Prall stresses, investigators have not arrested anyone and prosecutors have not charged anyone.

Meanwhile, Pace’s clients are feeling ripped off.

“I would love to see my money back but I’m really not too optimistic about that, considering she owes a lot of people a lot of money. At this point the best resolution for me would be to see her have consequences for her actions,” Fox said.

This is something Sgt. Prall said detectives will look into to see if it will go that far.

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