Dodging showers this weekend into Halloween

MIAMI VALLEY — Halloween is approaching and unfortunately the weather isn’t looking ideal for trick-or-treating. As of now, it looks like a weather system will be passing through the Miami Valley Sunday into Monday, and that will likely leave us dodging some rain showers.

For Halloween on Monday, the best rain chances should come during the morning hours. We may still have a few lingering light rain showers around by trick-or-treat time on Monday evening, but it shouldn’t be a washout.

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Temperatures will be cool on Halloween evening, generally in the upper 50s. That won’t be bad for the spots that stay dry, but any rain showers paired up with those temperatures in the 50s will make it a bit uncomfortable for the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Day always has the potential to bring a variety of weather to the Miami Valley. In 1993, a record .4″ of snow fell. According to the National Weather Service, 2″ of snow was on the ground that Halloween day thanks to snow the day before. Flakes last fell on Halloween in 2019.

Rain and Halloween day have gone hand in hand several times. The wettest Halloween day came back in 1941 when Dayton picked up 1.33″ of rain.

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