Check your accounts: Area McDonald’s employees accused of photographing customer credit, debit cards

MORAINE — Moraine Police are looking into reports that two local McDonald’s employees allegedly stole customers’ credit and debit card information.

Police got a call from a representative from McDonald’s loss prevention department about potential fraudulent behavior at the location on West Alex Bell Road.

“Apparently, he had conducted an investigation, discovered some fraud or fraudulent activity that was occurring at the West Alex Bell store here in Moraine and wanted to report that to us,” Sgt. Andrew Parish said.

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The person told police that two employees were seen taking photos of the fronts and backs of customers’ credit or debit cards before processing the transactions. This involved customers from both in-store and drive-thru purchases.

The representative reported at least one allegation of fraudulent charges by customers, but Parish said that police do not know, at this time, who those customers are and what the charges entailed.

Parish said that when the report was made Friday, the local location told police they were terminating two juvenile female employees. At this point, police are seeking more information before pursuing charges against the girls.

Parish noted that this isn’t the first incident out of Moraine involving fraudulent charges. He reminded News Center 7 about the incident at Kroger in Moraine last month, when shoppers had their credit and debit card accounts compromised.

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Anyone who recently visited the West Alex Bell Road location has been encouraged to check their credit and debit card statements.

“It’s across all aspects of using a credit or debit card, is that at least if you have one and you’re using it, you need to stay on top of your statements and you need to see what charges are being recorded to those accounts,” Parish said. “And if you didn’t make one, you need to report that immediately.”

If you see a fraudulent charge, report it to Moraine Police at (937) 535-1166. Parish said if you’ve previously reached out to McDonald’s about your financial information being compromised, then follow back up with the company and make sure they’ve reported it to police.

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