Covid-19 Boosters: Some people say getting that not so easy

DAYTON — Doctors are urging people in the area to get the most recent Covid-19 booster.

But some are finding out getting the shot is not so easy.

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NewsCenter 7′s Molly Koweek says knowing where to get these vaccines is an important step in protecting yourself and she did a quick search on both Walgreen’s and CVS’ websites and found plenty of open slots as early as Friday night.

But that was not the same experience for a woman who went through a different pharmacy.

Sandra Gassett understands the importance of getting her Covid booster.

“I have asthma, and I’ve always been told by my doctors that I should make my flu shots and immunizations.”

But she tells Koweek had some trouble completing the process for the new Covid shot.

“I just felt like maybe there’s no sense of urgency anymore, for this disease that people are kinds of overlooking that it’s still a threat.”

She said she registered at a pharmacy to get the shot but then waited more than two weeks and still did not hear anything about an appointment.

“I kept getting emails saying, ‘Oh yes,’ you’re still registered but they never said they could actually schedule me for one.”

So she walked into the store and ended up getting vaccinated Friday.

>>Miami Valley health departments received Covid-19 vaccine boosters

“We have got to take this seriously,” said Doctor Roberto Colon of Miami Valley Hospital.

Doctor Colon, the chief medical officer for Miami Valley Hospital, said problems getting an appointment should not deter people from making sure they get the shot.

“What we may see is that because this is a booster that is being sought out,” he said. “There may be individual facilities that may not have them in stock during that current week or during the apartment that we have, please try one of the other nearby pharmacies that may have better availability.”

Koweek says while Colon and Sandra have this virus top of mind, they worry others don’t.

“I really don’t understand why people aren’t more concerned about it.”

Doctor Colon says if you have a choice for your booster, stick to the same brand you started your original shots with.

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