Gun violence amongst children concerns Dayton Police

DAYTON, Ohio — Three children have been killed or injured in the last five weeks by gun violence in the Miami Valley.

Police said in each case, adults didn’t properly or safely handle weapons, leading to deaths and injuries to innocent children.

News Center 7 talked to community members about their concerns and with police about what they’re trying to do to stop the violence.

Dayton Police is not the only department concerned about the increase in gun violence but certainly they are one department doing the most to boost their efforts to get illegal guns off the streets.

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Lt. Jason Hall said, “The city of Dayton has made gun crime a huge priority.”

Supervisors with Dayton Police said their officers deal with gun crimes regularly and they often end tragically.

The most recent example involved an 11-year-old boy named Shamyrion Alexander who was killed in his home on Randolph Street when another 11-year-old found a gun in the home and accidentally shot him.

Investigators are still working to figure out who owned or possessed the gun and if it was legally in the home.

Vanae Iesha, who lives in Dayton, said, “We need to do better in the communities and the police community relationship must improve and gun safety is a big thing. They’re going to be in the houses, then teach your children about it.” Iesha said she is tired of losing children and adults to senseless gun violence. She knows police are emphasizing using gun locks and gun safes in the home. Iesha also believes education and communication with children about the dangers of guns is just as important.

“Kids are clever these days. They’re not stupid and playing them like they are stupid is an insult to their intelligence,” Iesha said.

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The Randolph Street tragedy is just the most recent in a string of similar incidents. A 3-year-old Trotwood boy shot himself in the leg and was rushed to a local hospital after he discovered the gun inside his home.

Authorities said 13-year-old Inyah Ford died a few weeks ago when two young people fired shots wildly at each other and one of the bullets struck her, causing fatal injuries.

It’s one more example of why Dayton Police continue community initiatives to reduce gun violence.

Lt. Hall said, “Every day, we are doing focused enforcements, getting guns off the streets is one of our highest priorities.”

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