The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst

The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst
Weeknights 5 PM to 7 PM

Whether it’s odd news, celebrity meltdowns, annoying neighbors or amusing stories about family, work and even crazy pets, Todd Hollst brings his unique personality and quirky take on all of it! It’s agenda free radio that will entertain listeners looking for something different and refreshing.

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The Dark Edge

The Dark Edge

Todd Hollst and Tim Debusk delve into the paranormal investigations and discuss specific cases and haunted locations in the Dayton area and throughout the country. Plus, listeners can call in and share their haunting experiences and join in the conversation during live tapings of the show. Connect with the show on social media @thedarkedgepodcast on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Connect via email: Produced in Dayton, Ohio The Dark Edge Podcast features Todd Hollst, host of the Evening Edge heard weeknights on WHIO Radio, as well as Tim Debusk, host of the paranormal investigation show 'Otherside,' on Amazon Prime.

The Dark Edge Podcast E:6

Todd and Tim talk about a recent ghost investigation at a home in Brookville, Ohio. Then, they talk about the "Third Man Syndrome," when someone or something appears to help others in distress, then seemingly vanishes.

The Dark Edge Podcast E:5

Rebirth of the Dark Edge Podcast. Todd and Tim take calls from listeners who have had ghost experiences. AND, the DEATH of Fruit Stripes Gum. Plus, Kentucky begging for an alien invasion.

The Dark Edge Podcast E:4

Todd, Kayla and Tim talk about Kayla's trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield and some amazing video; Tim brings up details about the UFO congressional hearings last week and whistleblowers; Todd reads a message from a listener about strange experiments at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

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