Wet weather may cause delays for Christmas travelers

A Christmas Day storm is approaching, and sadly could cause some problems for travelers around the region. The one positive thing is temperatures will be too warm to support snow which would create a much worse scenario, whether on the ground or in the sky.


The day looks to start out dry, but quickly the clouds increase. Winds will pick up as rain arrives, especially across northern and central Ohio with some rain into western Pennsylvania. This could slow down drivers headed east of the Miami Valley. There doesn’t appear to be too much of a significant delay potential for flyers caused by the weather.


A chilly rain is expected from Indianapolis to Cleveland to Pittsburg to start Christmas with temperatures in the 40s. Later that day, rain will taper a bit to the southwest, ending with highs in the upper 50s. Drivers should use caution due to wet roads and overspray caused by other passing vehicles on the roads. Winds will also be a bit gusty at times. That may be the biggest issue for flights in or out of the the region, while not extreme, it’s always best to call ahead to your carriers to check for delays.


Drier weather returns for Sunday. While it will be cooler, the weather will be much better for drivers and flyers traveling back to the area.