Storm Center 7

Back to School: Science on a Sphere

DAYTON — Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini’s last stop during her Back-to-School Science series with Boonshoft Museum of Discovery was to visit NOAA’s Science on Sphere!

This room-sized globe allows visitors to view data sets from around the world to learn more about weather, plate tectonics, climate change and much more.

Guests can interact with more than 500 data sets and 45 real time data sets when they visit.

The huge globe allows you to display information like hurricanes, sea-surface temperatures, even sea-turtle tracks.

Kirstie spent time examining land temps across the country during the record-breaking heat that Europe experienced this summer and even checked out lightning frequency across the world.

You can check out Science on a Sphere during your next visit to Boonshoft too!