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Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

DAYTON — Christmas is now just a little more than a week away.

While Christmas Day is still too far away to give an accurate weather forecast, we can take a look back at year’s past to see what is typical.

The average high temperature in Dayton on Christmas Day is 39 degrees, while the average low is 25.

However, it’s not a slam dunk that the day will bring those exact temperatures. Several extremes go into getting to that average.

The coldest high temperature Dayton has experienced on Christmas day is -1 degree back in 1983. The record warmest Christmas Day temperature is 65 degrees back in 1893.

Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs says Dayton experiences a White Christmas 22% of the time. That means Dayton has at least one inch of snow on the ground a little more than one out of every five Christmas Days, according to Climate Central.

The snowiest Christmas Day on record for the Dayton area came back in 1909 when 5.3 inches of snow fell.

Last year, a half inch of snow fell on Christmas Day. That said, the most snow to be on the ground on Christmas day was in 2004 with 16 inches of snow.

Looking ahead, temperatures will be cold enough to support snow, but do we get a storm system to bring that snow?

Well, long range models are hinting at that possibility for Thursday or Friday.

There is still some uncertainty as to how this storm evolves or where it tracks, so the Storm Center 7 team will be watching it closely over the next few days. That said, there appears to be at least a small chance for a white Christmas this year.