Retired teacher raises thousands for cancer patients by plowing snow

JAMESTOWN — Steve Benton, a retired Greeneview High School teacher, made a post on Facebook this week that has raised thousands of dollars for an organization in Jamestown that helps cancer patients.

“I thought maybe this would work. Maybe I could raise a little bit of money,” said Benton.

Anyone, anywhere and for any reason can donate to this great cause, by sending your donation to “Snow at JFCC P.O. Box...

Posted by Steve Benton on Monday, February 15, 2021

Benton’s post said that for a minimum of $20, he’d use his skidsteer to plow driveways and parking lots and he’d donate all the money he earned to Jameston Families Cancer Care. The non-profit, like a lot of other organizations has struggled with fundraising due to the coronavirus.

“This is not about cancer research. It’s about helping people right in the community that have cancer,” Benton said.

Steve received numerous calls to clear driveways and customers were generous.

“Oh my gosh. The largest donation I’ve had so far was $460 dollars and I didn’t even do their driveway,” said Benton. “They just wanted to help.”

Steve Eick of Eiko Heating and Air Conditioning, didn’t know Steve Benton but saw his post on Facebook and called him.

“I thought it was fantastic what this gentleman was doing and that’s why we have him out here doing our parking lot,” said Eick.

Benton told News Center 7 that helping people he knows is rewarding but says there’s something special about helping a stranger.

“All these driveways. I often don’t know the people. I don’t know what race they are. I don’t know what their political beliefs are. I don’t know what religions they are and I don’t care,” said Benton. “Nice could be the vaccine we need. If everyone could just be nice. How could you not like someone who is nice to you? That’s just the way I feel.”

As a one man operation, Steve Benton says he can no longer handle or accept new snow removal requests. He’s now urging those he’s helped to help someone else.

To learn more about Jamestown Families Cancer Care visit the non-profit’s Facebook page here.