Multiple shots fired at people, vehicles near Dayton officers

DAYTON — Multiple shots were fired at people and vehicles in the vicinity of Dayton officers Sunday overnight.

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Dayton Police first responded to reports of shots fired in the 800 block of West Riverview Avenue at 12:12 a.m., Montgomery County Regional Dispatch said.

As officers arrived to inspect the scene, they continued to hear several shots fire off near their vicinity. The continuous gunshots were heard over correspondences from officers to dispatchers over emergency scanners.

Officers reported they saw gunshots being fired into the air, to various people in the area, and towards vehicles. Six or seven vehicles were involved in this incident; however, it was unclear if the shooting suspects or the victims operated them.

One vehicle in particular, a four-door pickup truck, was identified as the suspect vehicle. It was last seen driving down West Riverview Avenue towards Salem Avenue.

Officers also reported seeing two people with automatic guns.

As authorities continued to search the area, they were unable to find any victims who were shot or injured at the time of reporting.

One woman was placed on hold during the incident, but was later let go following new information that officers could not find any injured victims. Her involvement with the shooting was unclear at the time of reporting.

The Dayton Police Department led the investigation into the shooting. News Center 7 reached out for more information.

We will update this story as it develops.