At least 1 taken into custody after drug bust near Centerville High School

CENTERVILLE — A drug bust in Centerville uncovered an operation police claim involved selling marijuana to middle school students.

The investigation began with a tip that came in to the Oakwood Safety Department.

Tactical Crime Suppression Unit (TCSU) officers developed information that someone living in a home on Clareridge Lane, which is close to Centerville High School, was growing marijuana and selling it to young people.

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“It appears his customer base is junior high and high school aged children, that really put this to the front,” said John Davis, TCSU spokesperson.

According to Davis, the information TCSU uncovered said this reached out in all directions.

“He was in many communities in our area so it was important for us to put an end to it, especially because of the age of his customers,” Davis said.

According to News Center 7 crew on scene, someone that appeared to live in the home pulled up while investigators were there. Task force members surrounded the vehicle and spoke with the man.

A short time later, he was handcuffed and put into the back of a police cruiser.

>> At least 1 taken into custody after drug bust near Centerville High School

News Center 7 was there as investigators began walking out with some of the items seized with the warrant, including lights for a grow operation and at least one suspected marijuana plant.

Neighbors said the traffic pattern there would make you suspect a selling operation.

“A lot of kids, a lot of activities in and out of the house, parked across the street, someone going in from car, coming back out,” one neighbor told News Center 7.

“It looked like he was doing some deliveries and it looked like people would come to him,” Davis said.

Investigators said they wanted to make people aware they will follow up on information that comes to them and told me most criminal investigation begin with a call from someone that sees something suspicious.

They did not identify the man they took into custody until charges against him are approved.

We will continue updating this story as we learn more.