City of Xenia to consider outdoor drinking district

XENIA — The city of Xenia is considering establishing a designated outdoor refreshment area (DORA).

A DORA would make it possible to freely walk outside with alcohol purchased from downtown establishments.

Xenia City Council will begin discussion on the DORA on Thursday.

First the council will be provided the application that includes the rules, regulations, and the designated area.

Currently the proposed area includes fives businesses that currently hold a liquor license.

Ryan Baker, the Community Development Coordinator says there is room for the DORA to grow.

“For a city of our size, we can get up to 150 continuous acres. This proposed DORA is only 37,” explained Baker. “We are starting a little smaller. That’s really the heart of our historic Xenia Town Square.”

Businesses within the district could choose whether to allow people with beverages into their store.

Those participating would also have to use a special DORA cup.

People in the area, like Steven Kidd, mostly agreed they’d like to see anything that would help Xenia businesses thrive.

“I’m a fan of shopping local,” explained Kidd. “I’m a fan of local merchants trying to survive in the times we’re experiencing right now.”

If the plan moves forward, the Xenia council would vote on March 25th.